At WEATHERHEAD we are the hearts, minds, and hands behind some of the world’s most memorable exhibit experiences. We bring our clients’ goals to life through imaginative, visitor-centered designs that never fail to captivate, inform, and delight.

Our award-winning team applies a wide range of skills (and intense passion) to every phase of the process — from initial exhibit concept, to sophisticated interactive design, to multimedia development, straight through to opening day — all while enjoying ourselves immensely. Clearly, this is what we were born to do. We can assist you with securing more sales from your abandoned cart email.

Exhibit Design

From concept through installation, the WEATHERHEAD team specializes in the design and development of immersive exhibits that connect with audiences on a deeply emotional level and inspire their curiosity to learn more. As lifelong students of the storytelling craft, we undertake each new design only after a diligent deep-dive into our clients’ subject matter, making their story our own.

We attribute our success to a uniquely collaborative brainstorming process that draws forth the best ideas from staff and clients alike. We then work closely with architectural experts to ensure that all content objectives and infrastructure requirements are met harmoniously in an exhibit design that delivers the intended experience.

Interactive Development

WEATHERHEAD conceives, designs, and produces interactive experiences that spark hands-on visitor engagement with the subject. These experiences often take the form of multi-touch screens, interactive kiosks, and mechanical or electro-mechanical interfaces that make the visitor not only care about but also influence the outcome of each interaction.

We also create handheld apps and websites that extend the museum experience beyond the walls of the institution, allowing the interaction to continue for weeks or months beyond the original visit.

Multimedia Installations

At WEATHERHEAD we design and develop multimedia installations that support the educational goals of our exhibits in compelling and unforgettable ways. Our designs combine traditional media with animated artifacts, computer-controlled physical objects, mechanics, graphics, sound, and video.

Each new challenge provides us with a fresh opportunity to stretch and redefine the boundaries of exhibit experience. We delight in envisioning and creating environmentally immersive spaces that generate rich, multi-dimensional encounters for each and every visitor.

Video & Audio

WEATHERHEAD’s core services include expertise in audio and video production. We tell stories that go to the heart of the exhibit’s goals. We unearth rare and precious archival footage and stills to allow voices and visuals from the past to come alive for contemporary audiences.

Recognizing the deep impact that sound and music can have on the visitor experience, we also bring an intense personal focus on musical scoring and sound design to our projects.