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“World’s Greatest!” TV Show Comes to WEATHERHEAD

While some of you may be familiar with our work, for others, we unfortunately remain a mystery: What is WEATHERHEAD? What exactly is “experience design”? What could possibly go into such a process? To hopefully answer some of these questions and to bring us into the spotlight, a TV film crew from the “World’s Greatest” TV series will be followed us around for a day to see exactly what it is that an exhibit design firm like us does on a daily basis.

The film crew shot some footage of the WEATHERHEAD team in action at our Georgetown office, as well as featuring the sound booth in our office, as audio mixing and editing is a large part of what we do here. Andrea, our Principal, began her career as a sound engineer, and it remains a driving passion of hers. Many interactives we have created involve an audio component, the most famous of which perhaps being the Great Seattle Fire object theater experience. For this multimedia presentation, WEATHERHEAD wrote, recorded, and mixed original music that tells the story of Seattle’s 1889 Great Fire that destroyed the city’s buildings but injured no one, allowing Seattle to rebuild and become stronger than ever. The Great Seattle Fire experience won WEATHERHEAD a Bronze MUSE Award at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Alliance of Museums.

The World’s Greatest! crew filmed this and other WEATHERHEAD experiences on-site at MOHAI. In addition to the Great Seattle Fire, WEATHERHEAD designed numerous other experiences for MOHAI’s new space, including Microsoft in Moments, Strike it Rich, Who Shapes Our City, and many more.

If you want to hear more about these and other interactives, be sure to watch our episode on the “World’s Greatest” TV program! Click here and skip to 14:48 to see WEATHERHEAD’s segment of Episode 199.