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WEATHERHEAD Debuts New Exhibit at the Living Computer Museum

In January 2015, the Living Computer Museum debuted its redesigned gallery on its second floor, designed by WEATHERHEAD Experience Design, Inc. and fabricated by Pacific Studios. The gallery tells the story of Microsoft, Apple, and the rise of personal computers from massive machines to the pocket-sized devices of today. The exhibit update includes new artifacts, signs, videos, and interactive kiosks as well as an enhanced Microsoft area, highlighting its contributions to modern computing.

LCM’s second floor now includes sections on storage and memory, languages, hobbyists, Moore’s Law, Homebrew, and the S-100 Bus. New display areas include Micro-soft/MITS and the Albuquerque Years, The Rise of Software, The Golden Age, The Web, and Hardware Diversification. There are several videos on touchscreen kiosks: Electronic Brains, The Altair Revolution, The GUI Advantage, Hobbyists & Hackers, We Have a BASIC, How Do You Talk to a Machine? and Timesharing at Lakeside/Traf-O-Data.