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Leigh Stone


Leigh has been a project manager in both construction and multimedia development. She has currently joined WEATHERHEAD as a producer on Phase II of the Seattle Children’s Research Institute’s Discovery Portal. Exhibit design marries the physical and the digital worlds that Leigh has been honing her skills in over the past 15 years.

For 17 years Leigh has managed and maintained a property on Capitol Hill called Crybaby Studios that offers 50 – 24 hr. monthly rentals for musicians. In 2010 she developed a 1,500 sq/ft recording studio on site to serve the tenants and her own recording needs as a performing musician. She scheduled, maintained and engineered in this studio as well as produced 2 local compilations that were very well received by the local radio station KEXP. From 1999-2006 Leigh owned Stasis, Inc., a full service construction company that developed 2 Craftsmen style residential homes, retrofit 2 X 12,000 sq/ft commercial buildings, built out 3 restaurants and executed several small remodels.

Prior to her construction company being in full swing she put her A/V skills to work as an independent contractor for Microsoft streaming and editing video presentations. Entering into software development at WEATHERHEAD has fulfilled her desire to test and build interactive experiences for public spaces.