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How to take the stuff of history, science and technology and make it come alive in vivid and unforgettable ways? At WEATHERHEAD, it’s this question that gets us out of bed each morning. With our first cup of coffee we’re already thinking about how to transform our clients’ educational programs into unforgettable exhibit experiences. With our second cup, we’re scribbling solutions onto napkins, walls and anything else that’s handy.

We always develop content with the audience in mind, designing each piece to ensure a quality experience that supports the goals of the exhibit and appeals to as wide a variety of visitors as possible. We’re constantly looking for challenging projects that require imaginative problem-solving to achieve a seamless convergence of the physical and the virtual. Our process is strongly collaborative, both internally among our multi-disciplinary team members, and with our clients as well.

What sets WEATHERHEAD apart is the depth of our commitment to understanding the goals of our client institutions, the educational content being presented, and the most effective use of every means at our disposal to bring their stories to life. We dive into each new challenge with the excitement of fresh discovery, a rigorous attention to detail, and a very real sense of fun.