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WEATHERHEAD Experience Design was founded in 2001 by Andrea Weatherhead and Jim Dixon. Since then, the company’s name and reputation have grown to national prominence, with some memorable milestones along the way:

  • 2001 — WEATHERHEAD designs a hand-held, GPS-driven PDA solution for visitors to the San Francisco Conservatory, long before the advent of smartphones.
  • 2001 — First Gold MUSE award earned.
  • 2003 — The company moves into its first real office space, located in a converted warehouse in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood.
  • 2006 — STARTUP Exhibition, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science: WEATHERHEAD curates, designs, writes, and creates all videos, interactives and multimedia for this winner of two MUSE awards.
  • 2011 — Company moves to expanded offices in the Old Rainier Bottling Plant in Seattle’s historic Georgetown neighborhood.
  • 2012 — MOHAI, Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry, moves into an expanded facility with a host of new exhibits and designs. WEATHERHEAD collaborates with MOHAI to develop the new experiences.
  • 2014 — WEATHERHEAD completes work on the second floor of exhibits in the

Living Computer Museum. At AAM, WEATHERHEAD wins its seventh overall MUSE award, the fifth Gold award and the second for MOHAI projects.
Today, together with a dedicated core group of exhibit design experts, Andrea draws on the talents of a constellation of talented writers, designers, educators, media producers, and technology leaders to meet the specific needs of each project.